Virtual On-Campus Recruiting (OCR)

The Career Center is here to help you schedule virtual interview and/or informal Career Conversation schedules with Emory undergraduates.

To request a schedule, log into Handshake and click on "Request an Interview". If you need help getting set up, visit the Handshake Help Center.

We advise you to host your interviews via Zoom, as Emory University provides all students with their own personal Zoom account. Depending on your Zoom meeting format, (individually scheduled meetings, Personal Meeting Room) we are able to insert the Zoom interview links within the schedule to help students connect with your interviewers immediately and with no additional communications from the employer or Emory Recruiting Team.

Virtual Workshops, Webinars, or Information Sessions

Host an online event to help promote general opportunities within your organization and help familiarize students with your company’s culture. Work with the Emory Recruiting Team to create a virtual event that fits your hiring and brand awareness needs. Request your event with our office using this Emory form

Again, we do advise you to host your virtual session via Zoom, as Emory University provides all students with their own personal Zoom account. When your Zoom meeting has been scheduled, email us the date and time along with the Zoom meeting link. 


Job/Internship Postings

Organizations can post internship and employment opportunities for free through Handshake, our online recruiting database that is made available to current students and alumni.


1. What are other employers doing? 

Answer: They are keeping in constant communication with their incoming internship or full-time class. Some employers have--

  • Moved the in-person experience to virtual only (see virtual hiring recommendations below)
  • Pushed back internship start dates to July (or later) and honored what students expected to be paid over the summer in full
  • Shortened internship to 2-3 week virtual knowledge-based experience, while still honoring expected compensation
  • Offered to pay for breaking housing leases and given small stipends/gift cards if they had to rescind an offer
  • Had to cancel their summer internship and instead extended a full-time offer to the student to come on in 2021
  • Delayed full-time start dates to later in the summer to early fall in certain cases if the work cannot be done virtually

Ultimately, some employers will have to rescind offers due to lack of demand for their product or service. We ask employers to keep us posted as business decisions are made so we can be sure to support our impacted students.

2. What do I do if I have to rescind a student offer?

Answer: Notify the Emory Career Center before emailing the student. We will then be able to support the student in finding a new experience. Please try to honor the offer if at all possible and review the Virtual Hiring Recommendations listed below. Please encourage the student to reach out to the Emory Career Center as soon as possible.

Virtual Hiring Recommendations Spring 2020

The Emory University Career Center and Goizueta BBA Career Management Center recognizes there are unique circumstances facing employers and students as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. Use the following recommendations to ensure a more successful transition to online hiring.

  1. Hone onboarding
    Even though the position is now virtual, you can still create a good training experience with a little organization. Set aside the time to walk through your organization’s mission, values, and history to create an affinity for the incoming hire. Make sure they are still able to connect with teammates and leadership. Consider how your typical onboarding may be modified using virtual means until the student can work onsite.
  2. Set clear expectations for typical work.
    Work with your recent hire (intern or full-time) to clearly define your expectations: work hours, communication preferences, project deadlines and goals for the new hire to complete. If there are certain expectations on how quickly a student should respond to email or other communication, share that (48 hours or less for example). Share if you want them to be available certain hours in the week.
  3. Set up virtual meetings
    Schedule brief meetings for the incoming hire to meet their coworkers and to walk them through the work they will need to perform. If you have access to this resource, create a Microsoft Teams/Slack chat so the hire can easily communicate with the team.
  4. Create guidelines to communicate using different channels
    Educate the student on what should be discussed using Teams or other online chat tools versus email. Tip: we recommend casual questions typically shared in person to be discussed on chat. Reporting back work or other official communications for the good of the group should remain in email so other team members can easily find that communication in the future.
  5. Schedule frequent times for feedback and performance reviews
    Working virtually will be new for students, and perhaps for you. It is important to communicate with the student what is going well and what they need to work on before any potential issues may occur. The frequency of performance reviews may lessen once you can communicate again in person.
  6. Provide the tools needed for students to succeed
    Students should not incur costs to download any software or purchase tools needed to complete their work. Ensure the student has all of the materials they need to succeed in their role before the position begins.
  7. Select and utilize online resources to aid in communication and training
    Resources for virtual communication:
    1. Face to Face - Zoom, WebEx, GoTo Meeting, WebEx, Face Time, Google Hangouts
    2. Online Chats – Microsoft Teams, Gmail Conversations, Slack
    3. Free Project Management Tools – Asana, OpenProject, nTask, Monday, etc.
    4. File sharing – Google Drive, Box, Microsoft Outlook One Drive

Professional Association Resources 

The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) and the Society for Human Resources Management have several resources that may assist employers during this time:




Contact the Emory Recruiting Team at recruiting@emory.edu