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Mission Statement

The Career Center facilitates relationships with students, alumni, prospective employers, graduate and professional schools, and University constituents to foster a community of learning designed to advance the career development process.

The Career Center Goals

Career Exploration & Decision Making

Students who have fully explored the variety of educational and career options and make decisions that are consistent with their interests, skills and values.

Skill Development

Students who possess professional, leadership, and interpersonal skills shaped by the Emory Experience to ensure future career growth and success.

Experiential Learning

Students who value experiential learning and have participated in internships; campus, summer, part-time employment, and community service/volunteer opportunities.

Career or Graduate/Professional School Selection

Students who are highly skilled in the job/internship search or continuing education strategies, and become engaged participants in the career or graduate school selection process.

Students who are successfully employed within a career that is consistent with their skills, interests, and goals, or matriculating in a graduate /professional degree program consistent with their long-term objectives.

Employer Development

An energized and expanding employer base (artistic, corporate, scientific, public, service) committed to mutually beneficial long-term relationships with Emory