Career Outcomes

In addition to providing holistic career guidance to students, the Career Center also assesses where students end up after graduation. Whether it is graduate school, gap year, or an industry position, we track these outcomes in order to better undertand trends and areas of success and weakness.

Overall Outcomes & Statistics

Law School Admission Statistics

Class of 2018 (PDF)

Class of 2017 (PDF)

Class of 2016 (PDF)

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Class of 2014 (PDF)

NOTE: The summaries provided are derived from the annual Law School Admissions Council report for each application cycle. These reports are typically published in the Spring semester (February or March) following the graduation of the class. This report reflects outcomes for all Emory students and alumni in a given application cycle. Statistics reported are pulled directly from that report and are not adapted by Emory staff in any way. School-by-school acceptance information can be seen in the pages subsequent to the initial summary pages.

Class of 2018

Class of 2018 Outcomes

Class of 2017

2017 Emory College Career Outcomes