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This summer, we launched our Micro-internship program with the help of dozens of alumni, who were able to provide professional development experiences for many Emory students, who had lost their internship/research opportunity due to COVID-19 complications. 

With many students learning remotely for the fall semester, we are re-launching the Micro-internship campaign to help provide a holistic educational experience to Emory students.  To help fill the gap, our office, the BBA Career Management Center and the Emory Alumni Association are partnering on a micro-internship campaign. 

You can help us make a lasting impact on Emory Students in one of the following ways: 

- Post an unpaid micro-internship experience in Emory Connects  (Learn more below)

Donate to one of our Emory Professional Development Funds. 

A micro-internship is a short-term, professional assignment, comparable to those tasks that could be given to a new hire or an intern – some common examples are content creation, industry research, data cleanup, and social media support.  Often, these projects require 5-40 hours of total work across 1-2 weeks and can be completed remotely. 

View some examples: Sample Micro-Internship Projects  

Through micro-internships, you can help students apply skills learned in the classroom, gain work experience, and explore career paths; all while getting support for your organization on lower-priority projects. 

1) Log on to Emory Connects (If you are not registered, please create a new profile using LinkedIn credentials)   

2) Click on the Jobs tab in the menu Column  

3) Select Post a Job and Complete the Form - Indicating employment type as Emory Micro-internship

  • Students will need to contact you directly, we suggest email, but please outline specific instructions on the job posting.

Selection of applicants and micro-internship timing will take place between the alumni contact and the student.

For more detailed instructions on How to post within Emory Connect, please read our guide. 

By participating in a micro-internship, students can:  

  • Explore new industries and potential career paths  
  • Learn and enhance the skills employers look for when recruiting for internships and full-time positions 
  • Build tangible relationships with employers by demonstrating their skills and abilities in substantive projects. 

In addition to helping students develop professionally, Alumni gain: 

  • Support for your organization on lower priority projects 
  • Access to a pool of talented potential future employees 
Please submit any available Micro-Internship positions to the Emory Connects job board by November 20th.

Micro-internships projects for the Fall Semester can take place at any time between October 5th- December 4th, 2020.

Scheduling is at the discretion of the alumni and selected students. Micro-internship experiences must be completed by December 4th, prior to the end of the fall semester.


Contact the Office of Alumni Engagement, Dejanae Banks at studentalumniengmt@emory.edu

Please review our FAQ for additional details.