Our Emory Alumni are helping to make a difference by working alongside current Emory Students by developing Alumni Micro-Internships for current Emory students. Learn more about these opportunities below. 

These Alumni have developed micro-internships so that our current Emory students can expand their skills and build meaningful connections with organizations across the country. These are unpaid opportunities but provide students with the opportunity to significantly build their resume in the absence of a traditional internship.  

What is a Micro-Internship?

A Micro-internship is a short-term project posted by employers across a wide range of industries. Often, these projects require 20-40 hours of total work across 1-2 weeks and can be completed remotely. 

How to Apply for a Micro Internship Project 

1) Log on to Emory Connects (If you do not have an account, you can register here) 

2) Click on the Jobs tab in the menu column.  

3) Review the Available Job postings and Complete the Application.  

Like you, our Emory Alumni are volunteering their time to help you develop professionally. 

Each project posted was personally developed by our alumni to provide you valuable professional experience to include on your resume.  

While this is a volunteer opportunity, we expect Emory students that participate in a micro-internship to display professionalism by doing the following: 

  • Show interest and enthusiasm for the work 
  • Demonstrate you did your research before starting your experience by asking specific questions 
  • Work diligently on the tasks assigned, adhering to all deadlines.  
  • Respond to all communications in a timely manner (within 24 hours) 
  • Show gratitude and send a thank you note at the conclusion of your experience 


Is this a Paid Opportunity? 

No, most of these alumni micro-internships opportunities are being developed as an unpaid opportunity. However, some internship providers may be able to provide a paid opportunity. Whether paid or unpaid, these projects are valuable additions to a student resume and allow students to explore industry sectors and career paths. 

How do Alumni Micro-Internships differ from Parker Dewey’s? 

These internships differ from Parker Dewey in two distinct ways: 

First, is that the hosts of these micro-internships are Emory alumni. These connections offer students the opportunity to utilize our rich alumni network to ask questions about the industry, learn more about how to become a desirable candidate, and even how to market their talents. 

Secondly, these are unpaid opportunities. While we know paid internships are ideal for most students, unpaid opportunities still allow students to gain the same career development benefits. 

If you are interested in paid Micro-Internship work, you can always visit our Emory Parker Dewey webpage for opportunities.  

Am I allowed to ask if they are hiring? 

Our Alumni Providers work in various departments and companies and may not be able to answer these questions. To see current opportunities, check their company websites and Handshake for available positions.