Spring Career Fair

The Career Fair is an excellent opportunity for students to connect with 80+ employers in one day. Did you know that some employers use the career fair as their primary way to connect with students on campus and select students to interview based on who they meet? Do not miss out on this GREAT opportunity to learn about your career options!

1st & 2nd Year Students:

  • Visit employers early to learn about their hiring processes and what skills will help you be more competitive in the hiring process
  • Ask for advice! Here's a question you can ask to employers "What can I do now as a 1st year student to make myself more competitive for your company? Are there certain skills you seek or are there certain classes I should take to become better prepared?"

3rd & 4th Year Students:

  • Going to the Career Fair can give you a competitive edge of other students who do not attend
  • Learn EARLY what you need to do in order to get that full-time job or internship
  • Bring several copies of your resume (more than 1 per company) 
  • Research who is coming to the Career Fair and come with a plan!
  • Share information about your background when you introduce yourself to employers. Pro tip: The more you know about the company, the easier it is to figure out what to talk about. If you learn an employer values leadership, bring up student leadership roles when you introduce yourself. Do they need a specific skill? Drop it into your introduction.

All Career Fair dates are posted on Handshake