Grad School Fair

2016 Grad School Fair: Wed., October 19; 5:30 - 7:30 p.m.; Cox Hall Ballroom

The Grad School Fair is an informational forum where you can meet and speak directly with admissions representatives from attending schools. It’s a great opportunity to network and get your questions answered about specific programs or to obtain general information about graduate admissions in your field of interest. Click here to read more about our fair and get registered!

Participating Organizations

2016 information will be posted a couple weeks prior to the event.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will schools be organized at the Grad School Fair?

Schools will be organized by discipline within four broad categories: 

  • General Arts & Sciences, Education, Communication, and Other 
  • Business
  • Law, Public Policy, Government, and International Affairs 
  • Medical and Health 

Within each section, schools will be in alphabetical order by the university’s name. Students should refer to the diagram given out at the event to check table numbers and locations of schools.

Why should I attend the fair?

The fair is a prime opportunity for students to get their questions answered directly by people who work in admissions. Although some schools send representatives that are not on the admissions committee, such as alumni or student ambassadors, most representatives are admissions professionals. Even if you’re not currently applying or if you’re not a senior, you can learn about what you will need to do to be competitive for graduate school programs.

In addition to that, attending the fair is a great way to show support for Emory! Many schools make decisions about returning to a campus for future recruiting based on the student attendance at graduate fairs. A strong turnout will keep programs coming back to campus year after year!

How should I prepare for the fair?

Because the fair is meant to be informational in nature, you will not be interviewed on the spot. However, it is a good idea to do your homework on a program prior to meeting with the representative if you are particularly interested in it. Visit the school’s website and jot down questions you have about their curriculum, faculty, and resources. If you already have the school’s brochures and catalogs, read through them and do the same. The best preparation for the fair is to have thoughtful questions prepared for the representatives you are planning to meet.

Keep in mind that representatives attend many graduate fairs and recruiting events in a given year. It pains them when students ask questions that are readily answered on the school’s website or in their materials. It shows that the student hasn’t put forth much effort prior to meeting with them. Dig deeper in your research and think of those questions whose answers aren’t apparent.

What should I wear to the fair?

Unlike career fairs, where attendees are expected to come in professional dress, graduate fairs are a more relaxed atmosphere. Recruiters do not require or expect students to wear suits and ties, and they understand that students may be between classes. Students may wear casual attire. However, clothing should be appropriate and respectful. Those who prefer may wear business casual attire.

Should I bring anything with me to the fair, such as a resume?

No. The fair is meant to be an opportunity to gather information about various programs. Recruiters will not be collecting resumes or applications, as they do not have the capacity to collect and carry these materials with them while traveling from school to school. The only things you need to bring are an inquisitive mind, a bright smile, and great questions!

What if my school of interest is not attending?

Although there will be many schools coming to our event, we obviously cannot accommodate every type of program. If a school of interest to you is not attending, you can still have a valuable experience at the fair. Visit with other schools in the same discipline. You may learn something new about a school that you had not previously considered. A willingness to look beyond the obvious programs is key to choosing the best graduate program for you. Plus, no matter what schools you’re applying to, some parts of the application process don’t change. You can get advice on these components from any admissions representative in the field.

I have class during the hours of the fair. Can I contact attending representatives at a later time?

For those students whose class schedules prohibit them from attending the fair, we recommend that you have a friend who is attending pick up information for you from those schools in which you are interested, especially the business cards of attending representatives.

Can I check on the status of my application if a school to which I applied is at the fair?

Although many recruiters are on the admissions committees, they will not have specific details about individual student applications at their disposal while at the event. The best way to check the status of your application is to contact the program directly.

Do I have to stay for the entire length of the fair?

No, attendees may come and go as they please during the hours of the fair.

Past Attending Schools