2018 AACOMAS Instructions


Letters of recommendation are required as part of the Osteopathic medical school application process. The collection and delivery of letters are now part of the AACOMAS application.

*We will not be using the AACOMAS letters portal. Please refer to the instructions below to have your letters sent from you credentials file to AACOMAS. In the Evaluations section of AACOMAS, please choose “I am not adding any evaluations.*

Utilize The Career Center at Emory University to have your letters transmitted to schools through Virtual

Evals (VE).  See below for detailed instructions on how to have your letters sent using The Career Center.

*It is important to submit your AACOMAS application as soon as possible, you do not have to wait until your letters are ready to submit your application.



1.    After you submit your AACOMAS Online Application, log into your credentials file on The Career Center’s Pre- health Database at  https://www.clts.emory.edu/Students/Dept/CRC/Prehealth/login.aspx and select “Make all other prehealth requests”.  Select any combination of letters to send for this request.  If you select “Composite Letter”, the individual letters that were submitted as part of the composite letter application process will be

automatically attached to your composite letter.

PLEASE NOTE-Do Not submit a request for letters to be sent to your Osteopathic Schools:

  • Before you see your Composite Letter or Individual Letters of Recommendation posted to your credentials file (under the recommendations tab)
  • Before the cycle opens for submission of letters

 Either/both of these actions will result in your request being returned to you “NOT PROCESSED”.

2.   Select your letters – if you are sending a composite letter packet – all you need do is enter “Composite Letter”- all of the individual letters that support it will be included. If you are sending an additional letter that is not a part of your composite letter packet, just enter Composite letter and the additional letter(s) only.  If you are not receiving a Composite Letter, enter all the individual letters that you want sent.

3.   In the “Schools Name” area, enter “See Below”

4.   Scroll to the Message area of the screen:   Enter your AACOMAS ID#, then list the names of the schools - you do not have to provide addresses as all DO schools participate in the electronica service (VE)

5.   Click ”submit” at the end of the screen

6.   To confirm your selections, just look at “View My Past Requests”

7.   Once a valid request has been submitted, standard processing time for requests is 5-7 business days and generally 7-10 business days during peak periods. Requests are processed on a first come, first serve basis.

8.   All fees must be paid prior to placing your request on the Pre-Health Database.

*For complete instructions on how to complete the entire AACOMAS primary application, please refer to the instructions within the application.

*Subject to change, please refer to AACOMAS directly for updates*

The schools listed below have confirmed that they will NOT be downloading from Virtual Evals:

University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine

Nova Southeastern University

Both Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine campuses

TOURO California