2018 AMCAS Instructions


AMCAS now accepts Letters of Evaluation/Recommendation for most medical schools through your primary application.  This service enables medical schools to receive letters electronically via AMCAS.  Your letters will still be processed through the Career Center when you make a formal request via the Pre-Health Database.  Through an automated process, AMCAS will then transmit your letters to the appropriate schools.  The process for requesting your letters to be sent through the Career Center’s Pre-Health Database will remain the same regardless of whether a school is participating in the AMCAS Letter System.   Requests made verbally, handwritten, via phone or fax and/ or sent via email will not be honored.  The only acceptable method is through the Pre-Health Database.

*For those students who have not yet received their Composite Letter, please do not wait on it to submit your AMCAS application.  You may proceed to set up your letters on AMCAS and submit your application in accordance with the opening of the AMCAS system for the current application cycle.


  1. Under the Letters of Evaluation section of the AMCAS application (Section 6), you will select “Add a Letter” and then select “Committee Letter” (at Emory we call this the Composite Letter) on the options provided.  You will set up only (1) committee letter (composite letter) and do not need to list the individual authors that support your letter.
  2. When asked “What school is providing this letter?”, select Emory University.
  3. You will then complete the identifying information for the letter.  Under “Letter Title” you can simply enter “Composite Letter”.  Then enter the following as the “Primary Author/Contact”:

Shari Obrentz
Associate Dean, Director
The Career Center – Emory University
200 Dowman Drive
Boisfeuillet Jones Center
Atlanta, Georgia  30322
Phone:  404-727-6211
Email: sobrent@emory.edu

  1. Once you have created your letter, click on “Print Letter Request Form:  This form contains the AMCAS Letter ID number associated with your composite letter and MUST be provided to The Career Center in order to process your subsequent letter requests.  Save this form in PDF format and provide it to Mildred Davis-Echols at The Career Center via email (mdavise@emory.edu) or facsimile (404) 727-4899.  AMCAS requires that we have this document before we send out letters so that your letter can be accurately matched to your application.  Requests made on the Career Center’s Pre-Health Database will not be processed without the AMCAS Letter Request Form.
  2. Go to Section 7 of the AMCAS application and “attach” the composite letter to the schools to which you are applying.  You can do so by selecting “Edit” next to each medical school you have added and follow the instructions.  Do not let this confuse you – this action does not send out your letters!  This action simply provides the AMCAS Letter ID number to your schools once you submit your application.  You will not be given the option to “attach” your letter to schools who don’t participate in the AMCAS Letter Service.
  3. After you submit your AMCAS application and after the AMCAS system is made available for receiving letters, log into your credentials file on The Career Center’s Pre-health Database at https://www.clts.emory.edu/Students/Dept/CRC/Prehealth/login.aspx and select “Make a New MD Request” to have your composite letter sent to AMCAS for further delivery to your schools.  You should only select “Composite Letter”, when making your request.  The individual letters that were submitted as part of the composite letter application process will be automatically attached to your composite letter.  If you do not see “Composite Letter” listed, we have not received it yet and cannot process your request. 

PLEASE NOTE-Do Not submit a request for letters to be sent to AMCAS in the following scenarios:

  • Before you see your Composite Letter posted to your credentials file (under the recommendations tab)
  • Before the cycle opens for submission of letters

Either/both of these actions will result in your request being returned to you “NOT PROCESSED”.

  1. Once a valid request has been submitted, standard processing time for requests is 5-7 business days and generally 7-10 business days during peak periods.  Requests are processed on a first come, first serve basis.
  2. All fees must be paid prior to placing your request on the Pre-Health Database.

*For complete instructions on how to complete the entire AMCAS primary application, please download the “2018 AMCAS INSTRUCTION MANUAL

*Subject to change, please refer to AMCAS directly for updates*