2018 TMDSAS Instructions


TMDSAS now accepts Letters of Evaluation/Recommendation for most medical schools at the time you submit your primary application.  This service enables medical schools to receive letters electronically via TMDSAS.  Your letters will still be processed through the Career Center when you make a formal request via the Pre-Health Database.  Through an automated process, TMDSAS will then transmit your letters to the appropriate schools.  The process for requesting your letters to be sent through the Career Center’s Pre-Health Database will remain the same regardless of whether a school is participating in the TMDSAS Letter System.   Requests made verbally, handwritten, via phone or fax and/ or sent via email will not be honored.  The only acceptable method is through the Pre-Health Database.

*For those students who have not yet received their Composite Letter, please do not wait on it to submit your TMDSAS application.  You may proceed to set up your letters on TMDSAS and submit your application in accordance with the opening of the TMDSAS system for the current application cycle.


  1. In the Letters of Evaluation section, you will select “HP Committee Packet.”
  2. Select “Emory University” as the institution that your packet will be sent from.
  3. At this point, you have the option to submit an extra letter to TMDSAS. HOWEVER, the extra letter cannot already be included in your composite letter packet. Please consider that the schools you are applying to prefer to receive only the required letters (i.e. one composite letter packet).
  4. If you decide to continue with an extra letter, select “Yes” and enter the first and last name of your letter writer and their relationship to you. In the section titled “Email address of letter writer” enter mdavise@emory.edu. This will alert Mildred Davis-Echols that you would like an additional letter sent to TMDSAS, however you will still need to make a request through the Pre-Health Database.
  5. After you submit your TMDSAS application and after your Composite Letter has been completed, log into your credentials file on The Career Center’s Pre-health Database at https://www.clts.emory.edu/Students/Dept/CRC/Prehealth/login.aspx and select “Make a New MD Request” to have your composite letter sent to TMDSAS for further delivery to your schools.  Please include your TMDSAS ID number in the message section. You should only select “Composite Letter”, when making your request.  The individual letters that were submitted as part of the composite letter application process will be automatically attached to your composite letter.  If you do not see “Composite Letter” listed, we have not received it yet and cannot process your request.

PLEASE NOTE-Do Not submit a request for letters to be sent to TMDSAS before you see your Composite Letter posted to your credentials file (under the recommendations tab). This action will result in your request being returned to you “NOT PROCESSED”.

  1. Once a valid request has been submitted, standard processing time for requests is 5-7 business days and generally 7-10 business days during peak periods.  Requests are processed on a first come, first serve basis.
  2. All fees must be paid prior to placing your request on the Pre-Health Database.

*For complete instructions on how to complete the entire TMDSAS primary application, please download the “2017 TMDSAS INSTRUCTION MANUAL” found at: https://www.tmdsas.com/medical/application-instructions.html.

*Subject to change, please refer directly to TMDSAS for updates*