Starting and Accessing Your Credentials File

Letters of Recommendation are very important for Pre-health students. As a service to Emory students and alumni, The Career Center offers a credentials service for students applying to health related programs. The Career Center accepts letters submitted on behalf of students and then posts them electronically for distribution at the student’s request to designated schools.

The faculty evaluation is an important part of the documentation used to support an application for admission to professional school. Most medical schools and other healthcare programs require applicants to provide two letters written by faculty members who have taught the applicant in a natural science discipline (biology, chemistry or physics) and one or two additional letters from others who can speak personally about the student’s disposition and talents. It is always critical to check with the school you are applying to regarding the specific kinds of letters you are expected to submit. 

Recommenders should:

  • Know the applicant personally and have served in a supervisory role to the student.  
  • Attest to the academic ability, personal character, work ethic, and preparedness for a career in medicine. 
  • Provide facts about the applicant.
  • Render a judgment about the applicant's ability.
Make the applicant come alive, and stand out among other applicants so that he or she will be remembered in the decision process.