Letters of Recommendation

Letters of Recommendation

The process of delivering your letters of recommendation to medical and dental schools varies by program and application system (AMCASTMDSASACCOMAS, and AADSAS). The Career Center can assist you with the delivery of your letters to medical school and dental schools through the prehealth database. To the left are specific instructions for Emory University Undergraduates and Alumni applying to medical and dental schools in the 2018 cycle. If you have any questions about this process, please contact Mildred Davis-Echols directly at 404-727-1891. 

  • For students applying to other healthcare professional schools including but not limited to: Physician Assistant School (CASPA), Nursing School (NursingCAS), Public Health School (SOPHAS), Veterinary School (VMCAS), Pharmacy School (PharmCAS), Optometry School (OptomCAS), and Podietry School (AACPMAS); you may have the option to use The Career Center for letter delivery.  Make an appointment with a prehealth advisor to discuss your options.

*PLEASE NOTE: Letter of Recommendation requirements vary by school. It is your responsibility to check the individual requirements of each school you are applying to.  


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