Pre-Law Communications

The Pre-Law Advising Office maintains consistent communications with Emory’s pre-law community. While the Pre-Law Advising Office website is a consistent source of information, outgoing communications are managed primarily through email via the Pre-Law Listserv. Messages sent to this listserv will come only from the University Pre-Law Advisor.

To be added to the Pre-Law Listserv, you will need to register with the Pre-Law Advising Office. Registering yourself as pre-law ensures that you will receive all communications from the Pre-Law Advisor. These include the monthly pre-law newsletter, The Pre-Legal Brief, as well as any updates or last-minute changes pertaining to any pre-law programs, services, and events being offered at Emory. 

You can also connect with the Pre-Law Advising Office on Facebook by visiting our page for other news, tips, and resources published on a more frequent basis. Click on the links to the left to learn more about all the ways to keep in touch with the PLAO!

Registration & Email Listserv

Your first step as a pre-law student at Emory is to declare your interest by registering with the Pre-Law Advising Office. Getting registered will ensure that the University Pre-Law Advisor can reach out to you as needed with any relevant and important information related to law school and the legal world in general. It is especially important to be registered if you are currently applying to law school, as the Pre-Law Advisor may need to reach out to this group of students specifically with important news regarding the application process.

Please note that Pre-Law Registration is annual, and that you will need to re-register each academic year. This is done to allow those students who have opted not to be pre-law any longer to be purged from the registration list and prevent them from receiving information that is no longer relevant to them. To get registered with the PLAO for the current academic year,  click on the link below and be sure to fill out the form in its entirety:

Current Students: 2015-2016 Pre-Law Registration Form

Emory Alumni: 2015-2016 Pre-Law Registration Form


The Pre-Law Advising Office is on Facebook! The PLAO Facebook page is used to provide information and updates to Emory’s pre-law community on a wider variety of topics in the legal world, including news about law schools, the legal job market, and articles of interest to pre-law students.

While the Pre-Law Email Listserv will be used to send important notices and updates to students as well as to publish the monthly pre-law newsletter, the Facebook page allows for more frequent contact without cluttering up your inbox! You can visit the PLAO Facebook page by clicking here:

Be sure to “Like” the page to get all the latest news right in your newsfeed so you won’t have to remember to come back and check the page!


Once per month, the Pre-Law Advising Office publishes The Pre-Legal Brief, the official pre-law newsletter at Emory. Newsletters contain valuable information, such as:

  • Upcoming law-related programs and events on campus
  • Legal opportunities including internships and jobs
  • News from law schools

The monthly newsletter will be sent to all registered pre-law students through the Pre-Law Email Listserv. To get registered as a pre-law student, click on the link to the left for Pre-Law Registration and Email Listserv.