Mission, Vision, and Philosophy


To educate Emory’s pre-law students and alumni about legal career pathways, law school life, and the law school application process.


A community of pre-law students who can articulate their interests in and reasons for pursuing a legal education and make thoughtful choices regarding the best preparation for their future legal career. Based on these values, students develop the necessary skills to best position themselves for success in the application process and beyond.


The decision to become a lawyer is, at its core, a career decision. Therefore, pre-law students are not exempt from undertaking the total career development process as a part of their pre-law preparation. Complete career development involves self-exploration, career exploration, action planning, and implementation of the established plan. All four steps are essential to success in preparing for the application process, law school, and a successful legal career. Pre-law advising at Emory encompasses a holistic approach to pre-law planning that is individualized by the student and is guided by the principles of career development.