Employer Partners Program

Many organizations have provided generous financial support to the Emory Career Center over the years. Due to these donations, we have been able to provide several services for our students, including:

  • Career Ambassador Program: Career Ambassadors serve as brand ambassadors for employers on campus. They help to host employer information sessions and provide on-site support for recruiters.
  • Emory Networking Nights: Networking Nights provide an opportunity for Emory students to explore career paths around a targeted industry.
  • Online systems: Handshake, InterviewStream and GoinGlobal are a few of the tools we offer to students.
  • Emory Clothing Closet: This initiative allows Emory students to check out professional attire items for interviews, career fairs, information sessions and other events.

The Employer Partner program, which is limited to 12 employers each year, will help you create a strong brand on campus with Emory students while also supporting the initiatives outlined above. See the below chart to learn more about our sponsorship levels and benefits.

Partner Benefits





Waived fees for BOTH Fall and Spring Career Fair with premium table location and an expanded career fair package for 2 tables and 8 representatives 
Waived fees for ONE Career Fair (fall or spring) with premium table location and an expanded career fair package for 2 tables and 6 representatives
Sponsorship recognition on all marketing materials for the Fall Career Fair & Spring Career Fair
Invitation to participate in the Practice Interview Program and Resume Renovation Day each semester
Priority invitation to all networking and panel events
Invitation to co-host a Wonderful Wednesday with the Career Center
Diversity or custom event sponsorship X
Logo included on website x x
Visibility of organization's logo in the Career Center x x
Customized social media posts promoting your organization throughout the year x
Targeted email blasts about your opportunities to students each semester (1 per semester for Eagle, Dooley Unlimited) x
Priority scheduling for on campus interviews, information sessions and other events (Dooley first, Eagle Second) x x
Inclusion on the Career Center Employer Advisory Board x x
Annual partners report that summarizes recruiting activity and gives future recommendations x x
Priority use of conference room during on-campus interviews and campus visits x
Catered lunch provided the day of your on-campus interviews x
Option to hold employer breakfast or lunch with all Career Center staff and select university contacts to share your opportunities x

Significance of Dooley and the Eagle to Emory Students


“Dooley represents a quirky tradition on campus. The biology lab skeleton safeguards the official Spirit of Emory. Acting through students selected to don the Dooley mantle, he maintains a vigorous and unpredictable presence during a week in his honor in the spring. The identity of these students is one of the best-kept secrets on campus. Each spring, students celebrate Emory's resident spirit in a week of fun, foolishness, and rich tradition. Dooley has the power to dismiss class—and that is just the beginning of a memorable week.”

- http://www.emory.edu/home/about/history/dooley.html


“Powerful, playful and at times a little sassy, Swoop is the much-beloved face of the Emory Eagles. But this was not always the case. Once upon a time, Emory’s athletic teams had no nickname. In the distant past, our sports teams had been unofficially called, at one time or another, the Hillbillies, the Gentlemen and even the Teasippers, but by 1960, we were just Emory. The Wheel‘s Sports Editor at the time, an intrepid young man named David Kross, decided that this situation just would not do and on Oct. 27, 1960, he unilaterally declared from the bully pulpit of the Sports section that Emory’s sports teams would henceforth and forever more (unless people disagreed) be called the Eagles. The name stuck.

July 4, 1986 was not only the 210th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, it was also Swoop’s birthday. Ever since then, he has been representing Emory both on and off the court/field. In addition to leading the cheering section at Emory sporting events, Swoop is also active in the Atlanta community, helping charities raise money for a plethora of good causes. In his spare time, Swoop enjoys listening to the music of the Eagles and watching old basketball games on ESPN Classic, especially those involving Larry Bird.” – Bennett Ostdiek, Editor-at-Large at The Emory Wheel
- http://emorywheel.com/dooley-vs-swoop/

If you have questions, please contact Laura Garcia, Associate Director of Recruiting and External Relations, laura.garcia2@emory.edu, 404.727.0510