Recruiting Calendar

The Emory Career Center and the Goizueta Business School Career Management Center have partnered to create the below guidelines and recommendations in order to ensure a fair and equitable recruiting process for both employers and students.

Guiding Principles for Recruiters

  • Adhere to the below timeline to ensure a fair and equitable process for both employers and candidates. 
  • Grant summer interns atleast 2-3 weeks from their offer date or until October 15th (whichever is later) to consider an offer and make a decision on a return internship or full-time offer. We encourage you to work with our students regarding extensions. 
  • Allow newly seeking students atleast 2-3 weeks from their offer date or until November 1st (whichever is later) to consider an offer and make a decision on a first-time internship or full-time offer. For the spring semester, employers are asked to allow atleast 2 weeks. 

Important Information about Fall 2018 Junior Investment Banking Interviews

As junior internship recruiting timelines continue to accelerate, we have decided to hold all junior banking internship interviews within a specific set of dates this fall. This will allow students to adequately prepare for and participate in multiple banking interviews, the CMC team to collaborate with faculty and mitigate exam conflicts, and, most important, ensure that employers have the opportunity to interact with top talent, in a focused timeframe. 


1.  On-campus interviews for banking internships will not be held prior to Sept 17th.
2.  Any company seeking interns outside of the junior banking scope will NOT be allowed to schedule interviews during this time.
3.  The Career Center and BBA Career Management Teams discourage banks from scheduling Super Days on these specific dates to ensure students are given an opportunity to complete all desired first round interviews.
4.  Employers are encouraged to allow students 2 weeks or until October 15th, whichever is later, to make a final decision on an offer. 

View the full guide here.

General Recruiting Calendar

Fall 2018

April 9

Employers may begin requesting dates for Fall 2018 Information Sessions and On-Campus Interviews 

at 9:00am EST

April 23 Confirmations for Fall 2018 first round interview requests will begin
July 30 Confirmation for Fall 2018 second round interview requests will begin, as space permits
Aug 29 Classes Begin
Sept 4 Information Sessions Begin

Hire Us Diversity & Inclusion Career Fair, 6:30-8:00pm in Cox Hall Ballroom

SEPT 14 Fall Career Fair, 10am-2pm in Woodruff P.E. Center 
Sept 17, 18,
and 20
Junior Banking Recruiting Week
Sept 19 Yom Kippur - Recruiting CLOSED
Sept 21 On-Campus Interviews Begin
Oct 8-9 Fall Break - Recruiting CLOSED
Oct 15

Acceptance deadline for summer interns considering return for full-time and juniors seeking

investment banking internships.

Nov 1

Acceptance deadline for newly seeking students considering first-time internship and full-time offers.

Nov 5 Employers may begin requesting dates for Spring 2019 Information Sessions and On-Campus Interviews
Nov 12 Confirmations for Spring 2018 first round interview requests will begin
Nov 22-23 Thanksgiving Break, On-Campus Interviews and Information Sessions CLOSED
Dec 7 Last Day of Information Sessions
Dec 11 Last Day of Class and Last Day of On-Campus Interviews

Spring 2019 - TBD