On-Campus Jobs

The Federal Work-Study (FWS) Program is a part-time employment program for undergraduate students contingent upon availability of federal funds. FWS jobs are available only to students who have received funding as part of their financial aid packages. If you have received a financial award for the Federal Work-Study program, contact your advisor in The Office Financial Aid for assistance in searching for a position on Handshake

If you do not have a financial award with The Office of Financial Aid, finding an on-campus, part-time job may be difficult, but not impossible. Here are a few suggestions to help you search positions:

  1. Use Handshake to browse potential on-campus job postings, as some departments will post openings through the system, but are not required to do so. To search these positions, click on the EMPLOYERS tab in your main navigation bar and search by employer name “On-Campus & ESJN Student Positions: Emory University”.
  2. If there is a particular department of interest to you, contact them directly to inquire about job opportunities.
  3. Search for part-time positions through Emory University’s Human Resources office
  4. Some departments that hire students directly through their departmental website include:

Off-Campus Jobs

  1. While Handshake does promote some part-time off-campus positions, students are also able to use an additional and robust job search tool provided through The Career Center called CareerShift. CareerShift helps job seekers navigate the published and hidden job market to find career opportunities, internships, part-time positions, and much more. Named "The Best Job Search Tool on the Internet," CareerShift is available to Emory students. An emory.edu email address is required to search and create an account.

  2. The Career Center partners with Emory’s WorkLife office to connect students with Emory faculty and staff who need personal, in-home assistance, such as babysitting, tutoring, pet-sitting, etc. through the Emory-Employee Student Job Network.

    Search for ESJN positions through Handshake. Under the JOBS tab in the main navigation bar, select the button to FILTER jobs. Scroll down to filter by LABEL and enter the label titled “emory employer-student job network (babysittying, tutoring, etc.)”

  1. Visit the restaurants, stores, and other businesses near campus in Emory Village, Emory Pointe, and the Conference Center. 

If you would like further guidance on any of the above resources, or assistance in your search for a part-time position, schedule an appointment with one of our counselors by calling our office at (404) 727-6211.

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