Vision, Mission, Goals

The Career Center of Emory University is an innovative and engaging resource that drives student professional development and success. 

We envision a center where:

  • All students will explore, identify and actively pursue a career path consistent with their values, interests, talents, and skills – and by commencement will have acquired ethically-grounded professional competency, life-ready resilience, and resolution in obtaining intentional post-graduate employment or continuing education opportunities. Ultimately, students transition from Emory work-ready, life-ready, relationship-ready, citizenship-ready…ready to achieve professional success and personal fulfillment.

  • Faculty, alumni, parents, and friends place greatest value in partnering with the Career Center in advancing the professional development of students.

  • Employers and professional/graduate schools consider Emory the primary destination for recruiting talent.

  • Center staff value and engage in individual and collective professional development to maintain the highest standards of competency and field expertise – moreover contributing to the integrity and leadership on the career services arena.

Our unwavering mission is to facilitate relationships among students, alumni, prospective employers, graduate and professional schools, and University constituents to foster a community of learning designed to advance the career development process.

Career Exploration & Decision Making - Students who have fully explored the variety of educational and career options and make decisions that are consistent with their interests, skills, talents, and values.

Who am I?

Skill Development - Students who possess professional, leadership, and interpersonal skills shaped by the transformative Emory experience to ensure future career growth and life-long personal success.

What am I made of?

Experiential Learning - Students who embrace and apply experiential learning through participation in internships; research; study abroad; employment (campus, summer, part-time, full-time); community service/volunteer opportunities, and intentional campus engagement (clubs/organizations/arts/athletics).

Where am I value-added?

Career or Graduate/Professional School Selection - Students who are highly skilled in the search process or continuing education strategies, and become engaged participants in the career or graduate school selection process.

Where will I find my niche?

Post-Grad Resolution - Students who are successfully engaged within a career that is consistent with their skills, interests, and goals, or matriculating in a graduate/professional degree program consistent with their long-term objectives.

I am resolved!!

Employer/Alumni/Parent Engagement - An energized and expanding constituent base (artistic, corporate, scientific, public, service) committed to mutually beneficial long-term relationships with Emory in promotion of professional development and recruiting opportunities.

Academic Integration - Seamless community where students align their intellectual pursuits with career ambitions resulting in the integration of the liberal arts core competencies as the foundation for professional preparation.

Technologically Innovative - Astute and current as to technology opportunities that benefit the Career Center in achieving our mission

Staff Professional Development - Committed and engaged staff devoted to staying abreast of issues and opportunities facing our profession – and seeking opportunities to contribute to, and influence, the broader professional development community.

Fiscal/Resource Stewardship - Fiscally responsible and efficient operation that maximizes resources and support to achieve our mission. 

“University” Career Services - Unified and collaborative career services model that aligns all career centers across campus as one operation sharing resources and expertise to best advance the professional aspirations of all university students.

The Career Center abides by the Ethical Principles espoused by Emory University. In addition, The Career Center strives to ensure that these ethics are supported by adherence to the following ethical statements and Emory University policies.

The Career Center staff:

  • Ensures new staff are oriented to the University, Division of Campus Life, and Office policies relevant to ethical standards and statements of ethical practice.

  • Respects privacy and maintains confidentiality in all communications and records which are protected by the Emory University's policy on Statement of Confidentialityas well as disclosure of any student information covered by the policy on Confidentiality and Release of Student Information

  • Adheres to Emory University's policy on Conflict of Interestas well as the Code of Business Ethics and Conduct to ensure that personal and economic conflicts of interest are avoided by staff members in the performance of their work.

  • Strives to be fair, objective, impartial, and inclusive in their interactions with others.

  • Maintains good stewardship of funds in accordance with the Institutional Fiscal Responsibility Frameworkof the University.

  • Conducts appropriate behavior regarding research and assessment with human participants, confidentiality of research and assessment data, as well as students' rights and responsibilities in accordance to University policy governing Guidelines for Responsible Conduct of Scholarship and Research.

  • Confronts and holds accountable other staff members who exhibit unethical behavior.

  • As appropriate, inform users of programs and services of ethical obligations and limitations emanating from codes and laws or from licensure requirements.

  • Recognizes and avoids conflicts of interest that could adversely influence their judgment or objectivity and, when unavoidable, recuse themselves from the situation.

  • Performs their duties within the limits of their position, training, expertise, and competence and when these limits are exceeded provides appropriate referrals to appropriate professionals within the Division of Campus Life and/or University offices.

  • Provides promotional and descriptive information accurately and free of deception and complies with the University Media Relations PolicyCareer Services promotional items are secured via preferred providers in the Emory Market Place and governed by policies established by Finance Division of Emory University.

  • Adheres to institutional policies regarding ethical and legal use of software and technology as outlines in the Information Technology Conditions of Useas well as with contractual obligations entered into with outside vendors with the consent of the Office of the General Council.

In addition to following Emory University Ethical Principles and Policies, The Career Center reviews relevant professional ethical standards and adopts or develops and implements appropriate statements of ethical practice from a variety of affiliated Professional Associations* to ensure that relevant constituencies (i.e. Staff, Students, Parents, Alumni, Faculty, Hiring Representatives, etc.) are informed as to the appropriate standards regarding Policies, Programs, and Services. The review of these ethical practices and statements is conducted by a peer review (internal & external) of relevant constituencies.

*Examples include: NCDA, NACE, ACPA, NAAHP, and PLANC

Contact and Hours of Operation

Address: 200 Dowman Drive B. Jones Center, 2nd Floor, Atlanta, Georgia 30322
Phone: 404-727-6211
Regular Office Hours: Monday - Friday | 8:30AM - 5:00PM
Campus Closures / Holiday ScheduleThe Emory Career Center will be closed per the Emory University holiday schedule. In the case of inclement weather, Emory University will announce any additional closures through CEPAR (Office of Critical Event Preparedness and Response).

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