Student Policies

The Career Center is dedicated to promoting a beneficial relationship between employers and students. These policies are designed to define the roles and responsibilities of all parties involved in the recruitment process, including students, employers, and staff, and preserve and promote the reputation of Emory University by actively pursuing the highest standards of integrity, honesty, and professionalism. These policies also exist to help handle ethical challenges you may encounter throughout the hiring process.

Recruiting Staff:

  • The Emory Career Center manages all on-campus presentations and interviews. The Emory Career Center Recruiting Staff consists of:
    • Laura Garcia
    • Tricia Herold
    • Asia Waller

 If you need to contact the Emory Career Center Recruiting Staff please email Emailing all three staff members and/or the BBA CMC will slow down response time.  

By using Handshake, students agree to the following responsibilities and policies or face potential loss of account privileges.

Access to Handshake is provided to currently enrolled undergraduate students in The College of Arts & Sciences, undergraduate students from Goizueta, Laney Graduate School, Candler School of Theology and Emory alumni from these schools.

Exchange students will have access to Handshake events and job postings only during their matriculating semester(s). Transient and non-degree students who are studying at Emory University, but will not earn an Emory degree do not have access to the Handshake system.

Disclaimer for Online Resources

Information in the external pages that this site links to come from a variety of sources. Please be advised that the inclusion of resources on this website does not imply endorsement by the Emory Career Center, nor is it a guarantee of accuracy of the information.

When conducting a job search, it is the responsibility of each individual to research the integrity of the organizations to which one is applying. The individual is advised to use caution and common sense when applying for any position with an organization and when supplying personal information through the Internet. Emory University and the Career Center do not author, edit, or monitor these outside pages and therefore cannot assume responsibility for their content.

Our office advises site visitors to read the privacy policies of any third-party sites accessed through this site. Emory University does not endorse any of the products, vendors, consultants or documentation referenced on this site. Any mention of vendors, products or services is for informational purposes only.

Disclaimer for Internship and Job Postings on Handshake & UCAN

The Emory Career Center is committed to ensuring open and equitable access to a broad range of opportunities, across all industries and sectors, for all undergraduate and graduate students. Please be advised that the inclusion of positions and employers on Handshake and UCAN does not imply endorsement, nor is it a guarantee of accuracy of the information provided by the employer. We believe it is appropriate to leave it to the members of our community to make their own personal decisions about the paths they pursue. 

All employers participating in the campus recruiting program and who post positions are reviewed by our office and required to confirm compliance with professionally accepted recruiting, interviewing and selection practices. This includes standards and practices set forth in the NACE Principles for Ethical Practice and the United States Department of Labor FLSA Guidelines as it relates to paid vs. unpaid internships as well as abide by the recruiting and offer policies.

Exclusive Handshake Account

Each Handshake account is for the perusal and use of Emory students and alumni only and should be used exclusively for your personal job search. Do not share your login information or allow other individuals to submit documents under your account. If access to an account is granted to and/or used by a non-Emory individual to apply for positions, the owner of the account will be permanently barred from accessing Handshake.

Accurate Information

All information you submit through your Handshake profile, or directly to an employer, must be accurate, including, but not limited to:

  • Information on your student profile (including GPA and major)
  • Job search documents (including resumes, cover letters, transcripts, test scores, and any other documentation requested by the employer)
  • Correspondence (written or verbal) throughout the recruitment process
  • Work authorization status (students attending Emory University on a visa must keep their work authorization status updated to reflect the information on record through Emory's Office of the Registrar, even if under an application process)

If a student falsifies a document, or misrepresents him/herself to any employer, whether via on-campus programs or in an independent job search, the student may be subject to University judicial charges.

In addition, students are required to provide current and reliable contact information to The Career Center and employers within all of their documents and correspondence. This includes updating phone numbers and email addresses while you live or study abroad.


Upon updating your Handshake profile and uploading documents to your account, you authorize The Career Center to grant access to and/or release information relating to you to prospective authorized employers, or individuals deemed appropriate by the staff, for the purpose of furthering efforts to assist your career related endeavors. Such records may contain personal information, resumes, cover letters or other information that you have uploaded into Handshake. Some employers approved by The Career Center, have the ability to search and message students with public profiles. You are not automatically opted in to this feature. In your Handshake account settings you can indicate your preference under the field “Allow employers to be able to find and view my profile”.

In addition, you can indicate this preference each time you upload a document that may contain personal information (resumes, cover letters, transcripts, etc) by checking/unchecking the box for EACH document under the field “Public? Check this box if you want employers to be able to download this document from your profile. Otherwise, it will be privately kept here to use when applying to jobs and interviews.”

You may refuse to provide an employer with specific information about any job offers received from other employers. Applicants do not have to provide specific information about the names of the organizations or salary, and instead may give broad responses to such questions, naming types of employers, industries and general salary ranges, rather than specific salary amounts.

Job Scams

Though the Emory Career Center diligently screens employers and job postings for fraudulent activity, from time to time a job scam may enter our system. It is important for you to know the signs to look for.

Identifying Job Scams:

  1. You are asked to deposit a check without having performed any work. *Note that a bounced check may withdraw money from YOUR account*
  2. You have to send money in any way, shape or form to the employer before you begin working.
  3. You are asked for bank information or credit card information.
  4. You are receiving emails from an individual that says they work at a company, but the email address is from a non-company domain name (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.)
  5. You notice excessive typos and grammatical errors in your communication with the employer.
  6. You get a feeling that "something isn't right" about the employer or the position.

What should you do if you think you applied to a job scam? IMMEDIATELY notify the Emory Career Center by emailing or calling 404-727-6211 to share details about what happened. You may also contact your Career Counselor to discuss the validity of the position.

Recommended readings:

Apply with Integrity

Be thoughtful about each application submitted:

  • Read job descriptions thoroughly taking into account the location, length of assignment, and qualifications
  • If you are unfamiliar with the company, research the company online BEFORE applying
  • Do not apply for positions unless you sincerely interested in the opportunity and the job requirements match your skills and interests
  • Be thoughtful, tailoring resumes and cover letters sent, to the position being applied for
  • Avoid sending out multiple resumes to multiple employers without genuine interest in an employer's available positions

Participation in on-campus recruitment through Handshake is a privilege, and comes with certain ethical expectations and responsibilities listed below. Why is this important?

  • In the event that you do not show for an interview or behave inappropriately, this negatively impacts the institution and The Career Center's ability to continue to bring employers to campus
  • It is disrespectful to the employer who has committed time and money to meet with you
  • It reflects a lack of care on your part for your fellow students who may have wanted to interview

On-Campus interviewing is available to:

  • Currently enrolled undergraduate students from The College and Goizueta Business School
  • Recent alumni (within one year of graduation) that are still in the job search process and have obtained approval from The Career Center
  • Current graduate students from Laney can apply to the opportunities that seek graduate level education or experience and will be invited to sign up for an interview slot at the request through The Career Center

Exchange students will have access to Handshake events and job postings during their matriculating semester(s), but cannot participate in on-campus recruiting.

Students must be physically present on-campus on the day of the scheduled interview, unless other arrangements have been made with The Career Center.

Interview with Integrity

The Career Center offers students a professional on-campus recruitment program. Failure to demonstrate professionalism during the on-campus recruiting process could possibly damage the reputation of The Emory Career Center and the University as a whole.

Interview only with employers you are sincerely interested in working for, and whose eligibility requirements you meet. "Practice" interviewing is not tolerated, as it is both misleading and unethical. When you use a company for a "practice" interview, you not only mislead the recruiter, but deny one of your peers with a genuine interest an opportunity to interview. Should you need practice interviewing, please contact The Career Center regarding practice interview/interview preparation resources.

Determining your Interview Status

The three types of interview status are 1) Primary/Preselect (you have been selected to interview), 2) Alternate (you have been selected to interview if a space opens up, and 3) Declined (you, unfortunately, were not selected to interview).

All on-campus interview positions will have important recruiting dates listed in the interview timeline. These dates will let you know the application deadline, the day and time primaries/alternates can sign up for interviews, and the day the schedule will close. Students will be responsible for tracking all sign up and end dates on the interview timeline.

Based on your notification preferences in Handshake, you will receive a push notification from Handshake and/or an email from Handshake notifying you of your interview status AT THE TIME THE SCHEDULE OPENS. (We realize this is not functional and are working with Handshake to change this). To determine your interview status as soon as an employer updates it, begin to check Handshake daily two days after the “apply end” date.

Accepting & Declining Interview Invitations

When you submit a resume to a job posting, you are formally expressing interest in interviewing for the position. If you are selected for an interview, it is professional courtesy to decline or accept the invitation. To accept the invitation, simply select an interview time once the schedule opens. To decline an invitation, first attempt to withdraw your resume via Handshake. If you are unable to withdraw your application, you must fill out the Interview Decline Form. Upon receipt of the form, The Career Center will let the employer know that you are no longer interested in the position and change your status to "declined" on Handshake. This will serve as your confirmation that your resume has been withdrawn.

Scheduling Interviews

Your academics come first – schedule your interview so that you are able to miss little to no class time. In cases where this is not possible, speak to your professor about your schedule and ways to make up for any potential loss. The Career Center will not excuse a student for missing a class to interview. Employers plan the dates and travel months ahead of the on-campus visit and students should not ask The Career Center for an alternate date that will fit their schedule.

If you sign up for multiple interviews with more than one employer on the same date, try to avoid back-to-back interviews. If your first interview is delayed, you may miss the opportunity to interview with the next employer and be subject to the Missed Interview Policy. The Career Center Recruiting staff will make every effort to help students who encounter difficulty with interview sign-ups, however, it may not be possible to resolve all scheduling problems with the limited interview spots available.

Second-Round Interview Policy—Employers are expected to offer an alternative date, without negative consequences, for a second-round interview if the date first suggested by the employer interferes with a student’s first-round on-campus interview, exam, or other valid conflict. Employers conducting first-round interviews on campus are negatively affected when students cancel these interviews. If an employer does not make this offer, it is a student’s right and responsibility to request an alternate date. Students should seek the assistance of The Career Center when dealing with a non-complying employer.

Canceling an Interview

To cancel an interview, you must leave your slot and withdraw your resume on Handshake before the “sign-up end” date listed in the interview timeline. If Handshake will not allow you to do this, you are more than likely trying to cancel an interview after the “sign-up end” date, and must fill out the Interview Decline Form. After the “sign-up end” date, your cancellation will be considered late and subject to the Temporary Handshake Suspension for Late Cancellations & Missed Interviews policy.

Missing an Interview

If you are selected for an interview and sign-up for an interview slot, you are committing to show up to that scheduled interview. Missing an interview could possibly jeopardize Emory’s relationship with employers and show a disregard for their time and resources. This can also negatively affect the job search of fellow Emory students, as reserving a time slot and failing to attend the interview prohibits another student’s chance to take advantage of the opportunity.

Your interview will be considered “Missed” and subject to the subject to the Temporary Handshake Suspension for Late Cancellations & Missed Interviews policy, if you:

  • Cancel a scheduled interview after the schedule’s “sign-up end” date and time
  • Do not show up for a scheduled interview
  • Inform the employer of your cancellation instead of The Career Center

Temporary Handshake Suspension for Late Cancellations & Missed Interviews

Failure to cancel your interview within the designated period, not showing up for a scheduled interview, or informing the employer of your absence instead of The Career Center will all result in the temporary suspension of your Handshake account.

In addition, the following actions may also result in the temporary suspension of Handshake:

  • Blatant disregard for policies and procedures
  • Rude and unprofessional interview behavior

If your Handshake account is temporarily suspended for any reason listed above, you will receive an email from The Career Center detailing the process to get your Handshake account reinstated.

If your Handshake account is temporarily suspended, you will not be able to view or apply to any positions, or schedule future interviews until your account is reinstated. You will, however, be expected to keep previously scheduled interview commitments.

Study Abroad Interview Sign-Up Process:

  1. In order to sign up for an interview slot that works with your schedule and time zone, set a reminder for the schedule’s opening date. All schedules open in Handshake at 9:30 am EST.
  2. Immediately after securing your interview slot on Handshake, fill out the Virtual Interview Request Form. You will receive an automatic receipt from the form confirming your request was submitted. The Career Center will require at least 3 business days to confirm your virtual interview with the employer and secure interview link information.
  3. The Career Center will contact the employer to see if a virtual interview is possible, then will either
    -Confirm your virtual interview and how your interview link will be provided
    -Inform you that the virtual interview cannot be conducted, based on the employer's discretion, or
    -Provide instructions on how to make alternate arrangements with the employer
  4. Continue to check your email and be patient. Do NOT contact the employer’s recruiting team, alumni with the company, or the Goizueta BBA CMC for assistance in scheduling the virtual interview. Also, sending multiple messages to will slow down the response time. Remember, we are waiting for a response from the company and will follow up with you as soon as we have information for you.

Employers reserve the right to decline a study abroad student as a candidate for their on-campus interviews. If you are selected as a preselect/alternate, The Career Center will work on your behalf to confirm your virtual interview. However, please note that some organizations may require interviewees to be on-campus and will not to accommodate virtual interviewing. 

*Virtual interviews for study abroad students are reserved students that are preselect/alternate candidates on an interview schedule for an internship or post-grad opportunity. Arrangements may not available Career Conversations, Employer Office Hours, and/or Information Sessions.

Receiving an Offer

It is expected that employers send you a written offer letter via mail or email. It is your responsibility to obtain all of the necessary information needed to make a wise and informed decision. Students should understand the specifics pertaining to start/end date, compensation, benefits, etc. before accepting an offer.

It is also your responsibility to inform employers regarding your decision to accept or reject an offer in a timely fashion.

Pressure from Employers

The Career Center requests that employers allow students 2-3 weeks to make a decision on an employment offer. Employers are asked to not put undue pressure on candidates to make quick decisions about their offers. Examples of intimidation include:

  • When employers require candidates to accept an offer on the spot or within 24 hours
  • When employers extend more offers than openings available and tell students that offers will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis
  • Reduction in base salary/withdrawal of signing bonus, depending on when you accept an offer
  • Pressure to verbally accept without receiving a formal offer letter or offer details

Students are advised to review the Employer Policies and contact The Career Center and/or the Goizueta Career Management Center IMMEDIATELY if you experience any of these circumstances with an employer.

Accepting an Offer

CONGRATULATIONS! Upon the acceptance of a job offer, students MUST:

  1. Communicate with employers you have been interviewing with and withdraw your application from further consideration.  
  2. Withdraw all open applications from the Handshake system.
  3. If the application period has closed on Handshake, and you are unable to withdraw an application, please email the Career Center at recruiting@emory.eduto remove your resume submission.

Student Reneging Policy

Emory University students are obligated to follow the established ethical practices when seeking employment and/or internships. Students are expected to cease seeking and considering other positions once they have accepted an offer. Reneging on accepted offers has negative repercussions that extend beyond the student’s own reputation and could jeopardize Emory University’s relationship with employers.

If a student reneges from an offer, he/she will be suspended from Handshake and unable to utilize The Career Center and its services until meeting with the Director of Recruiting and External Relations to discuss next steps and consequences.

Rescinded Offers

Should an employer rescind an offer, please immediately contact The Career Center at

The Career Center will allow the use of interview rooms for students that require a quiet place to conduct a phone or virtual interview, Monday thru Friday between the hours of 8:30am-6:00pm.

Employers conducting on-campus interviews are given priority, and space may be limited during the height of the fall recruiting season in September and October.

Request must be made at least 1 business day before the interview date. Same day appointments will likely not be accommodated.

Schedule a Room through HANDSHAKE

  1. Click the Career Center link next to your profile icon
  2. Follow the link to open APPOINTMENTS
  3. Click Schedule A New Appointment
  4. Select the option – Student Interview Room Request
  5. Select your interview length time
  6. Select a time that falls 30-minutes PRIOR to your interview start to allow time to check-in and prepare

Day of Reminders

  • Location – The Career Center, Suite 200, B. Jones Center
  • Check in at the Front Desk kiosk
  • Students must use their own laptop and/or telephone. The Career Center does have a room equipped with a computer for student use.
  • Snacks, coffee, and beverages in the interview suites are provided for visiting employers only. Please do not take these items.
    NO FOOD ALLOWED, but water is provided in the recruiting suite. Please bring your own water bottle.
  • If you have questions or need to reserve more time, please contact RECRUITING@EMORY.EDU as soon as possible.

Students are expected to RSVP through Handshake by the deadline posted for information sessions and workshops. Once a student accepts an RSVP they are expected to attend the event or withdraw their response before the RSVP deadline, which is typically 2 days prior to the event. If you are unable to do this through Handshake, this means the deadline has already passed and the employer has you listed to attend.

RSVPs are important because a low number of student attendance misuses employers time and is not a good use of their resources or budget, and a large number of unexpected guests will result in employers not having enough representatives in attendance, refreshments, or handouts.

In is recommended that students sign in with The Career Ambassador, in addition to any other sign in the employer may have, as many employers request contact information of student's in attendance. 

It is disruptive to leave a presentation or workshop early. If a student needs to leave early for an evening test or other mandatory event, ask the presenter before the presentation begins if you are able to leave early and sit near an exit if your early dismissal is approved. 

It is the studetent's responsibility to obtain contact information for any representative in attendance. The Career Center will not provide this information to students the following day or to students who could not attend the event. 

Students who sign up for group or one-on-one sessions to meet with employers during a Virtual Career Fair are expected to honor their commitment. If a student needs to cancel a scheduled meeting for any reason, they must do so at minimum 2 days before the career fair is scheduled.

Not cancelling in a timely manner:

  1. Prevents another student from meeting with the employer.
  2. Shows a lack of courtesy and respect for the employer's time.
  3. Leaves a poor impression of Emory University as a whole.

Students who believe an employer has misrepresented itself, or may be in violation of The Career Center’s policies, are encouraged to contact the Associate Director of Employer Relations at The Career Center immediately at 404-727-6211 or email at

Occasionally, fraudulent job opportunities are sent to students via email. We've recently become aware of a few of these scams. 

Read more about these job scams and how to detect them. 

Students who RSVP to an event and fail to show may have their ability to access Handshake removed until meeting with a professional Career Center staff member. The impact of a "no show" includes:

  • Prevented other students from participating
  • Leaves a poor impression of Emory University students
  • Waste of money; food and other event costs may have already been ordered for you
  • Impedes our ability to recruit top organizations to campus to hire Emory University students

Students are expected to give timely notice if they are unable to honor a commitment (i.e. not the day before). The day of the event, students are expected to arrive early, dress appropriately and act in a professional and polite manner to all individuals they encounter throughout the day.

Privacy Policies

The Emory University Career Center uses a web‐based software program known as "Handshake" to host career-related opportunities and events for students and alumni. 

  • To enable employers to access and use various tools, features, and functionality of the Handshake system, such as posting jobs and interview schedules.

  • To enable students/alumni to access various tools, features, and functions of the Handshake system, in particular, job posting, events, and career-related resources.

  • To communicate with employers regarding use of Handshake, advise of site changes, or to inform you of other possible events/activities associated with recruiting.

Handshake may receive and collect personally identifiable information about you, a student/alumni user, (name, contact information, demographic information, academic history, G.P.A, employment history, etc.) when you upload resumes, cover letters, and other documents which contain personal information.

The Emory University Career Center may access some of the job seeker's personal information to send e‐mail to a job seeker using communication tools on the site, to publish resumes in the school's resume book(s) on the site, and to send resumes to employers on behalf of a student/alumni.

Employers that use Handshake through The Emory University Career Center will have access to your resume, if submitted and made public by you to a resume book, individual job listing, or your Handshake profile, and the personal information contained therein for recruiting, interviewing, and hiring purposes.

The Emory University Career Center and Handshake will collect information from employers utilizing the site. This information includes contact information (such as your phone number or e‐mail address), unique identifiers, financial information (such as a credit card number), and demographic information (for example, location, type of organization, size of organization). The financial information collected will be used only to bill your organization for fees associated with career fairs and other approved services. Handshake has a contract with Stripe to verify credit card numbers. Your credit card information will be deleted as soon as the transaction is completed and will not be stored on Handshake's servers. You will need to re‐enter that information each time there is a new financial transaction.

Handshake will receive and collect from employers job postings (including job descriptions, employment qualifiers, and salary information) and interview schedules posted either directly through Handshake or shared with The Emory University Career Center.

Contact and Hours of Operation

Address: 200 Dowman Drive B. Jones Center, 2nd Floor, Atlanta, Georgia 30322
Phone: 404-727-6211
Regular Office Hours: Monday - Friday | 8:30AM - 5:00PM
Campus Closures / Holiday ScheduleThe Emory Career Center will be closed per the Emory University holiday schedule. In the case of inclement weather, Emory University will announce any additional closures through CEPAR (Office of Critical Event Preparedness and Response).

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